Providing Semi-Skilled
& Skilled Labor Services

A great many businesses require an influx of workers for certain times of the year. Your company may get busy for a short period due to:

  • Seasonal Work
  • Peak Production
  • Special Projects
  • Rush Jobs
  • Sick Leave Replacement

Before the time comes, call Extra Industrial Personnel. Our temp help agency in Toronto can find one, a few, or an army of people for semi-skilled and skilled labor services. Count on us to provide you with the extra help necessary when times get busy.

We pride ourselves in locating and presenting you with top-notch blue-collar workers. Here's what you can expect:

  • Focused, Dependable People Who Demonstrate a Quality Work Ethic & Superior Productivity Level
  • Carefully Selected Employees with a Positive Attitude & Desire to Work
  • Enthusiastic Individuals with a Genuine Desire to Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations
  • People Who Bring a Long-Term Outlook to a Short-Term Assignment
  • Regular Monitoring to Maintain a Superior Level of Performance
  • Quality Personnel from a Professional Source

Email us to request seasonal workers for your company. We'll match you with a crew that you'll truly enjoy having at your worksite.

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